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About our brand

A brand is more than a logo. It’s our promise. Our brand is the image that lives in people’s minds when they think about Guam. We can influence our brand; with the words we choose, the design we use, and the actions we take. It is built from current and desired meanings. If we align around a single promise, we can build a strong brand. When we are consistent in keeping that promise – in how we act and communicate – our brand becomes stronger. Our brand is more than a marketing tool. It is a valuable business asset. When the Guam brand is strong, we garner more attention and respect. In short, our brand plays a valuable role in everything we want to achieve. Our brand promise is the heart of what we do and why we do it. It’s what we stand for – the standard to which we hold ourselves. If we deliver our brand well, it will stand the test of time and engage all our audiences in productive relationships leading us to success.

The purpose of the new brand is to strengthen Guam’s appeal as a destination, to drive tourism growth in the future, and also to attract tourists for longer periods with increased spend. This new brand encompasses our local pride, the engagement of our communities, and showcases all that Guam has to offer.

Guam’s personality, tone, and image attributes

Our attributes are how we demonstrate our brand promise through everything we do. They guide our behavior. And, while our day-to-day activities change and evolve, our attributes stay with us. They are rooted in our Chamorro culture and our history and heritage as a gateway for passage since 700BC. These attributes come from whom we are at the core and will remain with us over time.

Sincerity: We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable, hospitable, genuine, and real. We show sincerity in every thought and action.

Excitement: Our culture is very much alive and celebrated. We are active. We promote fun. And we delight in delivering the unexpected – in special service, in unique cultural interactions, and more.

Sophistication: Guam can match natural wonders and man-made infrastructure with any other location in the world. We combine this world-class offering and connectivity with the diversity fostered by a history of dynamic regional and global influences.

The Guam signature

The signature is designed to celebrate the unique, diverse, and welcoming nature of Guam and its Chamorro culture. The multiple reads of its shapes (proa, sinahi, waves, smiles, welcoming arms) convey the wide variety of experience available to visitors to the island, and its symbolic roots in Guam’s history illustrates the pride of the flourishing Chamorro people who call it home.

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