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GVB Board of Directors elect committee chairs

May 9, 2019

(Tumon, Guam) The Guam Visitors Bureau’s new board of directors is now complete with its election of officers, its 12th member, and committee chairpersons.

The board recently elected Ada’s Trust and Investment Inc. President Pedro “Sonny” Ada as its chairman. Additionally, former board chairman Milton Morinaga has been elected vice chairman, with Sam Shinohara as treasurer, and Theresa Arriola as secretary. Derrick Quinata was elected as the board’s 12th member.

Other members of the GVB board of directors include Paul Shimizu, Mayor Robert Hofmann, Flori-Anne Dela Cruz, Shun Matsumoto, Brad Kloppenburg, Satoru Murata, Former First Lady Joann Camacho, and Stephen Gatewood.

The GVB board also elected the following directors to serve as chairpersons of the various advisory committees:


Administration & Government Relations

Chair: Joann Camacho

Vice Chair: Theresa Arriola


Japan Marketing Committee

Chair: P. Sonny Ada

Vice Chair: Stephen Gatewood

Vice Chair: Satoru Murata


Korea Marketing Committee

Chair: Brad Kloppenburg

Vice Chair: Shun Matsumoto


Great China Marketing Committee (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China)

Chair: Joann Camacho

Vice Chair: Milton Morinaga


New Market Development (Russia & New Markets – Southeast Asia, India & Europe)

Chair: Sam Shinohara

Vice Chair: Brad Kloppenburg


North America and Pacific

Chair: Mayor Robert Hofmann

Vice Chair: Flori-Anne Dela Cruz


Aviation Incentives

Chair: Milton Morinaga

Vice Chair: Paul Shimizu


Culture & Heritage

Chair: Theresa Arriola

Vice Chair: Mayor Robert Hofmann


Sports & Events

Chair: Paul Shimizu

Vice Chair: Derrick Quinata


Destination Management/ Visitor Safety & Satisfaction

Chair: Sam Shinohara

Vice Chair: Flori-Anne Dela Cruz


Research & Membership

Chair: Stephen Gatewood

Vice Chair: Derrick Quinata


“It’s great to serve once again in Guam’s number one industry,” said Chairman Ada. “I am thankful for this opportunity to lead the GVB Board of Directors. A lot has changed since I was last here in the 1990s, and I look forward to working with my colleagues as we prepare to shape the next era of tourism on Guam. I want to thank GVB’s management and employees for their dedication and commitment to make Guam a better place to live, work & visit every single day. ”


Media Contact: JOSH TYQUIENGCO - Public Information Officer