Blessed with swimsuit weather all year-round, Guam is an idyllic, friendly paradise that is home to some of the region's most beautiful beaches, reefs, and landscapes. Whether you plan your own itinerary or take an organized tour, Guam is the perfect tropical holiday destination for everyone. On Guam you will find life to enjoy, new tastes to savor, experiences of a lifetime to remember, and the warm hospitality of our people to welcome you.

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Guam Brand Resource Guide

The Guam Brand is more than a slogan or a logo. It is the personality, the character and essence of the Guam experience. While perhaps interpreted differently by different groups, the brand qualities do not waver. It is our promise as a community, an image that will live in the hearts and minds of visitors and those fortunate to live here.

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Guam Brand Jingle

The Guam Brand jingle titled "We Are Guam", encompasses the personality, character and essence of the Guam experience. Locally written and produced, it is the official jingle for Guam and can be used by any individual, business, or organization to promote and celebrate Guam.

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GVB Corporate Logo And Guidelines

The Guam Visitors Bureau logo represents the public, non-profit corporate entity and official marketing agency for the Government of Guam. Its colors and fonts compliment those of the Guam Brand Logo so it can be used alongside each other in destination branding and marketing materials.

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Press Kits

Guam Visitors Bureau thanks you for your interest in Guam USA. Below are the contents of the 2010 GVB Press Kit. Please feel free to download any of the items. You will also find a Photo Gallery of Guam images as well as the Bureau's latest Press Releases and Archived News in the Media Center

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