Guam Brand Resource Guide

The Guam Brand is more than a slogan or a logo. It is the personality, the character and essence of the Guam experience. While perhaps interpreted differently by different groups, the brand qualities do not waver. It is our promise as a community, an image that will live in the hearts and minds of visitors and those fortunate to live here.

About the Guam Brand Resource Guide

The Brand Resource Guide (BRG) is designed to expand the reach and impact of the brand’s promise and showcase all of what Guam is today. It has been refreshed to reflect what GVB has learned about how our customers feel about Guam. It is designed to create a singular portrait that generates and reflects local pride, engages the community, and showcases what makes Guam different, fresh, unique and more attractive than any competing destination.

The BRG sets the brand standard for all representations on Guam, and in GVB’s source markets. The specifications within the BRG are designed to create a consistent presentation and should be used by any agency or business that works to promote Guam.

The Brand Resource Guide and various logos are available here for download. For assistance, please contact info(gvb)