Sales Kit


Name File Size  
Map of Guam 156 KB Download PDF
Micronesia Region Map 179 KB Download PDF
Oceania Region Flight Map 604 KB Download PDF
GVB E-Guidebook Maps 898 KB Download PDF


Name File Size  
About Our Brand 822 KB Download PDF
Guam Brand Image 246 KB Download PDF
Guam Brand Signature Flyer 859 KB Download PDF

GVB Marketing Department Sales Collateral Materials

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Guam Guidebook 6.7 MB Download PDF

Fact Sheets

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General Information 522 KB Download PDF
Adventures on Guam 653 KB Download PDF
Diving on Guam 583 KB Download PDF
Visiting Family and Friends 646 KB Download PDF
WWII 744 KB Download PDF

LGBTQ Brochures

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LGBTQ 7-Day Itinerary 8.7 MB Download PDF
Guam LGBTQ Brochure (Female Cover) 3.1 MB Download PDF
Guam LGBTQ Brochure (Male Cover) 3.1 MB Download PDF

Guam Destination Sales Presentations

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InstaGuam-ENG 550 MB Download PDF
InstaGuam-SC 4.4 MB Download PDF
InstaGuam-TC 3.1 MB Download PDF

Guam Events

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2019 Guam Events Calendar Brochure 395 KB Download PDF


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InstaGuam (1080HD) 161 MB Download

Guam Tour

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English Tour Operator Listing 504 KB Download PDF

GVB Membership Listing

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GVB Membership FY19 69.0 KB Download PDF

GVB Media Contact & Tools

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GVB Media Contacts 72.7 KB Download PDF


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FY2018 Visitor Profiles 225 KB Download PDF
FY2017 Visitor Profiles 198 KB Download PDF
December 2018 Preliminary Arrival Summary 949 KB Download PDF

Feature Stories

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Introduction to Guam 771 KB Download PDF
Ten Ways to Discover and Experience Guam 2.1 MB Download PDF
Guam History and Culture: Navigating the Sea of Time 11.9 MB Download PDF
Tax-Free Guam Shopping: A Duty Free Dream 2.7 MB Download PDF
Buying Local on Guam: Marketplaces of Memories 1.1 MB Download PDF

GVB Reports

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GVB Annual Report 2017 12.8 MB Download PDF
Invest in Guam 79.9 MB Download PDF

PATA Micronesia

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PATA Micronesia Brochure 1.7 MB Download PDF


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Guam MICE Manual (English) 10.6 MB Download PDF

A.B. Won Pat International Airport

Name File Size  
A.B. Won Pat International Airport Executive Profile 1.1 MB Download PDF


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GVB MICE Policy 10.3 MB Download PDF

Guam Economic Development Authority

Name File Size  
Invest In Guam - America in Asia 96.6 MB Download

Micronesia Cruise Association

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Micronesia Cruise Association Presentation - September 8, 2014 25.7 MB Download PDF

Guam SBDC (Small Business Development Center)

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Guam SBDC Export Resource Guide 3.1 MB Download PDF

Pacific Island Paradises

Name File Size  
Pacific Island Paradises Magazine 2017-2018 79.0 MB Download PDF

Guam CNMI Economic Forecast

Name File Size  
2015 Guam CNMI Economic Forecast 467 KB Download PDF

Guam Press Releases

GVB Prepares for Largest Golden Week

Name File Size  
Hulo'0 8.6 KB Download PDF
Press Release - GVB Prepares for Largest Golden Week 247 KB Download PDF
Road to Golden Week Joint Presentation 888 KB Download PDF

Guam Welcomes over 146K Visitors March 2019

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Guam Welcomes 146K Visitors March 2019 229 KB Download PDF
March 2019 Preliminary Arrival Summary 1.4 MB Download PDF

Record Visitor Arrivals

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Press Release - Record Visitor Arrivals 29.5 KB Download PDF