Best February visitor arrivals in Guam’s history

March 12, 2015

NOTE: The following is a joint release from Governor Calvo and the Guam Visitors Bureau.

"Our efforts to diversify and grow our tourism arrivals are working! This translates into more job opportunities for our local community and tourists investing in what's great about our island. I commend the Guam Visitors Bureau and the entire tourism industry for working hard to achieve the goals in the Tourism 2020 plan."

- Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

Guam visitor numbers for month of February reaches milestone

Arrivals for February 2015 have reached historic levels.

The Guam Visitors Bureau research department has confirmed that February 2015 is ranked as the top February for visitor arrivals in Guam's history, recording 126,080 visitors.

It broke the previous record of 123,002 visitors, which was documented almost 20 years ago in February 1996. The second month of 2015 also ranked #11 on the list of "Guam's Top 15 Banner Months." March 2013 is still the top banner month in tourism history, which totaled 136,278 visitors.

Increase attributed to ongoing efforts to grow, diversify market

Guam recorded another milestone, surpassing its 35 millionth visitor since 1966 with February's banner arrivals. Ongoing efforts to grow and diversify Guam's visitor markets helped lead to the increase in arrivals, with charter flights for the Chinese Lunar New Year giving February 2015 an added boost.

Furthermore, signs of Japan's economic recovery are showing in Japan outbound travel numbers.

February 2015 actually showed a dramatic improvement in Japan arrivals, moving closer towards positive growth. For nearly two years, the average decline of Japan arrivals to Guam was 7%. Japan recorded its lowest decline to date in February 2015 with a 1.5% drop. Meanwhile, GVB continues its aggressive marketing plan to address Guam's top visitor market.

"Growing and diversifying our visitor markets is paying off, but our efforts are far from over," said GVB General Manager Nathan Denight. "As we continue to promote our Chamorro culture and expand on Guam's portfolio of signature events and sports tourism, we are well on our way to achieving our Tourism 2020 goals in the next five years. I want to thank our industry and the local community for being terrific partners in helping us to showcase the very best our island has to offer."

Guam's Top 10 February Arrivals

Rank Month                   Guam Arrivals

1. Feb 2015                  126,080

2. Feb 1996                  123,002

3. Feb 2013                  122,072

4. Feb 1997                  117,603

5. Feb 2014                  117,032

6. Feb 2001                  115,157

7. Feb 1995                  104,821

8. Feb 2000                  112,770

9. Feb 2012                  112,129

10. Feb 2004                112,053


Media Contact: JOSH TYQUIENGCO - Public Information Officer