Citizens give back to community through wall printing technology

February 24, 2021

(MTM, Guam) Two local businessmen have found a way to give back to the community through their wall printing technology and are working with Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) Board Director Mayor Rudy Paco to improve beautification efforts.

Business partners Armen Karapetian and Igor Kobzev are the men behind Design Studio Guam (DSG). They launched their business to build a wall printing machine in October 2020, ordering parts from Japan, Germany, and other countries. The machine was finished in December 2020.

The technology uses highly durable acrylic paint that is dried quickly with ultraviolet light to print high-definition images up to 6 feet at a time. The wall prints can be done in both indoor and outdoor settings. Through DSG, Karapetian and Kobzev have been busy with projects, which included completing a 70 square foot mural at a local Korean restaurant. They also printed wall art of underwater sea life and a large-scale wall map of Guam at the Mongmong-Toto-Maite Community Center as an in-kind donation.

Mayor Paco, who recently joined the GVB Board of Directors as the representative for the Mayors Council of Guam, said he’s already been working with Karapetian and Kobzev on beautification efforts through the years in his tri-village.

“When Armen and Igor first moved to Guam three years ago, they came knocking at my door asking me how can they give back to the community. I welcomed their help with open arms because it was great to see people that have just made Guam their home offer their talents,” said Mayor Paco. “Since then, they’ve helped with village events, and have now offered their services with their wall printing business.”

Paco has ideas to use the wall printing technology around the island to assist with signage, village murals, and beautification efforts. He will be working with GVB and the Mayors Council to identify sites.

“I am excited to work with Mayor Paco on our board of directors to improve destination Guam. This technology can help us share beautiful images of our island and improve signage capabilities to better inform our residents and visitors in all of our respective villages,” said former Governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez, GVB President & CEO.