Cultural Design with History in Mind

March 8, 2013

(Tamuning, Guam) People interested in learning about cultural design inspired by Chamorro history can now go to to view three presentations and a report from a workshop held last month by Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency of the Department of Chamorro Affairs, Guam Preservation Trust and Guampedia Foundation.

The presentations now available at are:

• Dr. Judy Flores: Hafa Kumekelek-ńa i Alåhas i Mañaina-ta? The Meanings Behind the Treasures of our Ancestors

• Darlene Moore: Examples of Stylistic Designs in Marianas Pottery

• Judy Amesbury: Adzes, Fishing Gear, Beads and Bracelets, Shell and Bone Artifacts from the Mariana Islands

The materials can also be found on Guampedia’s homepage ( with a link on the sidebar entitled Cultural Design with History in Mind.

The workshop, held for Guam’s artists, was the first of three planned to help artists tell the tale behind their work in preparation for the Festival of the Pacific Arts (FestPac) to be held on Guam in 2016. Festpac, as it is known locally, is a regional festival which showcases the diversity of arts and performances from more than two dozen island nations and territories throughout the Pacific.

As a host Guam will choose what kinds of events to highlight, although traditional performances, arts and craft displays and demonstrations, music and story-telling are usually a part of the many activities available for participants.

At the Cultural Design workshop Archaeologists Moore and Amesbury, and scholar and artist Flores, provided information about ancient cultural designs found in the Marianas based on archaeological and historical research. was also introduced as an online resource about Guam’s culture and history for artists and cultural producers.

The workshop was intended to provide inspiration for various areas of artist expression. Workshop organizers believe this information is vital for instilling confidence and pride among Guam’s delegation to appropriately use ancient traditional designs and motifs to share their stories with other FestPac participants.

Besides FestPac, however, the workshops are opportunities for the arts community to build their capacity to produce and market their work. In 2014 the Guam and Chamorro Educational Facility (Guam Museum) will open and local artists will have the opportunity to display and possibly sell their work in the planned gift shop, besides other venues for their work.

For more information please contact Monica Guzman, CAHA Chair, at [email protected]