GMIF 2021: Experience the Guam Micronesia Online Fair 24/7

August 10, 2021

(Tumon, Guam) The Guam Micronesia Island Fair (GMIF) goes virtual in 2021 to celebrate the vibrant cultures of Micronesia. With this year's theme called the "Guam Micronesia Online Fair," the annual Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) signature cultural event has returned with on-demand videos and content highlighting island delegations and cultural groups that can be accessed at any time.

“We wanted to bring back GMIF in a different way while Guam works its way out of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Celebrating our different cultures online keeps us all connected in the unique regional identity we share,” said Dr. Gerry Perez, GVB Vice President. “We invite everyone to stream the virtual performances anywhere and anytime by going to our Visit Guam website or GVB YouTube Channel. We look forward to celebrating GMIF in person in 2022!”

GMIF 2021 features performances by various cultural groups to include:

•          Guma’ Aniten I Taotao Tano’

•          Guma’ Uno Hit (San Diego, CA)

•          Guma’ I Mañe’lu

•          Guma’ Ininan I Saina-ta

•          Guma’ Irensian Taotao Tano’ (San Diego, CA)

•          Guma’ Inetnon Famagu’on Guahan (Killeen, TX)

•          Guma’ Kinalamten I Taotao Tano’

•          Guma’ Inafamaolek (Las Vegas, NV)

•          Guma’ Kutturan CHamoru (Long Beach, CA)

•          Guma’ Ma’higa

•          Guma’ Taotao Kinahulo’ Atdao Na Tano (Mito City, Japan)

•          Guma’ Nina’en Ácho’ Latte

•          Guma’ Pås Ginen San Francisco

•          Guma’ Råsan Åcho’ Latte

•          Guma’ Imahen Taotao Tano’ (San Diego, CA)

•          Guma’ Irensia (San Diego)

•          Guma’ Imahe (Tacoma, WA)

•          Guma’ Taotao Lagu

•          Guma’ Taotao Taga (Tinian)

•          Guma’ Famagu’on Tano’ Yan I Tasi (Tokyo, Japan)

•          Bendision: Tribal Council

•          Inifresi I Linalai: Aramian Nelson Cepeda, Seth Nelson Calvo & I Fanlalai’an Oral History Project

•          Island Delegations:

o          Chuuk

o          CNMI – Rota, Saipan, Tinian

o          Palau

o          RMI

o          Yap

This year marks the 33rd year for the Guam Micronesia Island Fair. For more information on GMIF 2021, go to