Guam cracks open floodgates to China tourist market

May 9, 2014

“Everywhere I turn, Guam is growing.  This market is the latest in a week filled with good economic news.  We just cracked open the floodgates to the China market.  We can look forward to more jobs in tourism, higher wages for workers, more promotions, more opportunities to build or grow a business, and a better quality of life for our community.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

NOTE: The following is a joint release from the Office of the Governor, the Guam Visitors Bureau, and the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority

Dynamic Airways to fly out of Beijing to Guam starting in June 2014                 

On June 21, tourists will land on Guam in the first regularly-scheduled, non-stop flight from China.  The administration has been working on this breakthrough for months.

Thanks to the Guam Visitors Bureau, the A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, and the Governor’s office’s push, Dynamic Airways will bring a 767-200 ER plane filled with Chinese visitors every five days from Beijing.  The plane carries up to 235 people.

This partnership will open up the doors for Guam to capture part of the 200 million outbound travelers China expects by 2017.  It will also help the island maintain momentum in the tourism industry, which has seen back-to-back banner years in visitor arrivals to Guam.

Historic flights secured through aggressive marketing, incentive programs   

The new air service with Dynamic Airways was made possible through an aggressive China marketing plan by GVB and GIAA. Part of the goal is to fill hotel rooms during the off-season periods while aren’t as many Japanese tourists.  This is why GVB has the Destination Market Development Airline Incentive Program.

GVB provides support to airlines that bring passengers who stay a minimum of 4 days on island. Additionally, the airport’s Interim Air Service Development Incentive also provides discounts and special rates to stimulate new air service to Guam.

“China is the number one visitor source market in the world and it continues to grow rapidly,” said GVB General Manager Karl Pangelinan. “It’s absolutely essential for Guam to get its foot in the door with this expanding market. We thank Governor Calvo, the GIAA team and GVB team for working hard to get the attention of Dynamic Airways. With or without the visa waiver, we are aggressively pursuing the China market as we proceed with our Tourism 2020 plan.”

New partnership means big boost in Chinese market from past years              

In the past, charter flights from China to Guam were only provided for Chinese New Year and Chinese National Day. Adding Dynamic Airways’ regularly scheduled flight service from Beijing without the visa waiver is a game changer for Guam. The airline has also partnered with China wholesaler China International Travel Service Limited to help secure outbound tours.

“No doubt, this greatly enhances our business portfolio, especially as a US Airport in Asia.  Capturing the Chinese market is the dream for any airport and destination. The mere fact that we’ve come to this juncture of having Dynamic Airways servicing Guam, speaks volumes to the confidence foreign carriers have in the viability of Guam operations and the attractiveness of Guam as a destination.   We intend to continue airport and air service growth with value that appeals to a wider market, with investments to our facilities, and a business model designed for mutual profitability with our current and future partners,” said Chuck Ada, GIAA Executive Manager.

About Dynamic Airways                                                                                                        

Dynamic Airways is a Worldwide Boeing 767 Air Carrier, which has an operating base in Saipan and is headquartered in Los Angeles.  It serves the Asian markets, on long haul high density, 100% reliability focused, vertically integrated flight operations support with integrated aircraft scheduling. It commenced B767 operations in October 2011. The company went through a management change in January 2013 and hired 80+ employees and key management personnel with 200+ years of combined aviation management experience.

Media Contact: JOSH TYQUIENGCO - Public Information Officer