Guam strengthens Taiwan market goals at travel fair

May 18, 2018

GVB teams up with Micronesia partners, travel agents and airlines

(Taipei, Taiwan) The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has increased its efforts to improve its Taiwan market through participation at the Taipei Tourism Expo (TTE). Considered Taiwan’s largest travel fair during the first half of the year, TTE was held at the Taipei World Trade Center from May 4-7, 2018. A total of 295,189 attendees were recorded with more than 350 exhibitors present.

“What’s significant about Guam being present at this large tourism expo is the exposure value and networking that takes place amongst thousands of people in this key source market,” said GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight. “While we compete with other destinations to bring visitors to our island paradise, we highlight the fact that Taiwan has a special relationship with our local people, with our roots tracing back to this country from the Austronesian migration.”

Islands of Micronesia unite for joint promotion

This year’s TTE was significant for GVB as the Guam delegation teamed up with the Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA) and the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) under the first-ever “Micronesia Pavilion” at the expo. GVB’s Greater China Marketing Committee (GCMC) Vice Chairwoman Joann Camacho led the Guam delegation.

“We opened up the pavilion by pouring blue liquid into an ice carving that emphasized the word, ‘Micronesia.’ This represented how the blue ocean that surrounds our region unites us,” said GCMC Vice Chairwoman Joann Camacho. “This collaboration between the CNMI and Palau has increased our efforts to truly showcase each of our destination’s unique features at the same time.”

The Micronesia Pavilion drew thousands with outstanding cultural performances and inspiring presentations promoting each destination.  As a highlighted feature, the Micronesia exhibitors encouraged social media engagement of expo-goers through travel package incentives to Guam, Saipan and Palau.

Local music legends, Jesse and Ruby, also captivated thousands with Guam’s Håfa Adai Spirit and Chamorro culture during a performance at the TTE opening ceremony.

GVB works with travel partners and airlines

GVB was hard at work with three major travel agents to aggressively promote and sell Guam, with a total of 43 packages being sold at the Guam booth. The total value of the Guam packages was worth about $43,000. A variety of in-depth meetings were held with other travel agencies to better understand their frontline needs in the market. The Bureau additionally partnered with Avis Rent-a-Car to provide an exclusive discount on car rentals on Guam throughout 2018 for visitors that show proof of their boarding passes.

In addition, GVB met with China Airlines and Eva Airlines to further strengthen its relationships with both airlines and encourage more seating capacity in the Taiwan market. China Airlines recently expanded its flight frequency to five times weekly between Taipei and Guam, which began March 25, 2018. GVB has also been in discussions with China Airlines and Eva Airlines about the possibilities of opening up direct flights from southern Taiwan to Guam.

“We welcomed over 36,000 Taiwanese visitors in the last fiscal year and we are looking to welcome even more through growing and diversifying in-market with the help of our industry partners,” said GVB Vice President Antonio Muña, Jr.

Media Contact: JOSH TYQUIENGCO - Public Information Officer