GVB Launches Rediscover Guam Campaign

July 16, 2012

What is the Guam Brand?

(Monday, July 16, 2012 – Tumon, Guam) The Guam Visitors Bureau is launching a local branding initiative coined as the “Rediscover Guam Campaign.” The campaign launches today for the next six weeks and invites all Guamanians to become ambassadors of Guam and rediscover what truly makes our island paradise.

“We have really creative people over at GVB,” Governor Eddie Baza Calvo said. “We need

this creativity as competition emerges in this part of the world for tourists. We have to keep our edge. We can all participate as ambassadors of our island in making this the best destination of choice in the world!”

“Sometimes living on Guam we take for granted the beauty of our island and what really makes us unique, which is our natural environment and our people,” GVB General Manager Joann G. Camacho said. “We encourage every Guamanian to become ambassadors of our island, revisit sites they haven’t been to in a while and take pride in this place we all call home. WE ARE GUAM!”

GVB will be airing two thirty (30) second television spots called the Layers of Life coupled with radio spots aimed at educating the community on what the Guam Brand is and garnering support for that brand.

“When people see the Guam Brand logo, a lot of times they think its GVB’s logo,” GVB Deputy General Manager Nathan Denight said. “It’s actually Guam’s destination logo, and it symbolizes the experience our visitors can expect when they come to our island. What makes Guam a great place to live, work and play makes a great place to visit, and we want to promote these things within our local community.”

The Guam Brand Logo is designed to celebrate the unique, diverse, and welcoming nature of Guam and its Chamorro culture. The multiple meanings of its shapes (proa, sinahi, waves, smiles, welcoming arms) express the unique experience visitors to our island will receive, and its symbolic roots in Guam’s history illustrates the pride of the flourishing Chamorro people who call it home. The colors communicate the vibrant nature of our island and people.

As part of the campaign GVB will be handing out Guam Brand bumper stickers for people to place on their cars for a chance to win a Guam Brand t-shirt and a “stay-cation” package to rediscover Guam. Stickers can be picked up at GVB’s office in Tumon or at KUAM. GVB representatives in Guam Brand t-shirts will also be walking along the Liberation Parade route on Saturday, July 21, 2012 handing out the stickers.

“All people have to do to enter is place the sticker on your car and listen to I-94 or Isla 63 Monday through Friday. If you hear your license plate called out, call the station and you win a Guam Brand t-shirt and a chance to win the grand prize ‘stay-cation’ package,” Denight added.

GVB gives special thanks to KUAM, MCV and the Sorensen Media Group.

GVB General Manager Joann G. Camacho places a Guam Brand bumper sticker on her car to officially launch GVB’s “Rediscover Guam” campaign on Monday, July 16, 2012. The campaign will run for the next six weeks giving KUAM I-94 listeners the chance to win a "stay-cation" prize package.

See the Layers of Life – Colors video here: http://youtu.be/Gndy0jyJGQo