GVB Visitor Arrival Advisory - Arrivals for August 1- 8 & July 2013

August 9, 2013

August 1-8, 2013 Arrivals Up by 5.4%
July 2013 Visitor Arrivals Unchanged Compared to Last Year


Håfa Adai!

Attached are the Preliminary Visitor Arrival Summary Report for July 2013 and Weekly Report covering Civilian Air Arrivals only from August 1-8, 2013.

Summary for August 1-8, 2013:

For August 1-8, 2013, Guam welcomed 34,717 visitors, a 5.4% increase compared to the same period last year.

Japan Arrivals are up 3.4% and Korea by 23.1%. Arrivals from the People’s Republic of China are down 50% and Russia up by 52.8%.

Summary for July 2013:

For the month of July, Guam welcomed 110,872 visitors, which relatively is unchanged compared to last year (-1%).

Total Fiscal Year to Date Arrivals (October 2012 to July 2013) are up 6.7%. Japan Arrivals are up 1.9% and Korea by 41.4%. Arrivals from the People's Republic of China are up 15.9%, while arrivals from the Russian Federation are up by 145.6%. 

Total Calendar Year to Date Arrivals, including Civilian Air and Sea as well as Military Air, are up 4.2%. Japan Arrivals showed a slight decline by 1.5% and Korea up by 39.2%. Arrivals from the People’s Republic of China are up 24% and the Russian Federation up by 108%.

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