Special Projects

Special Projects identifies and pursues capital improvement and maintenance projects designed to enhance Guam’s tourism plant and remain competitive with other world-class destinations.

To achieve our mission, the Bureau oversees maintenance of major tourist infrastructure such as Tumon & Hagatna Beach Cleaning & Maintenance, Tumon San Vitores Landscaping Maintenance and the Island Roadway Maintenance. Tumon and Hagåtña Beach Cleaning & Maintenance

GVB contracted beach maintenance from Gun Beach to East Agaña Beach across Citibank. Maintenance includes sand raking, trash collecting and trash receptacle maintenance. The contractor for the project is Landscape Management Systems, Inc.

Maintenance consists of grass and hedge cutting on shoulders and medians, groundcover trimming & edging, tree and shrub pruning, defruiting of coconut trees, fertilizer applications, soil analysis, mulching, power washing of sidewalks, benches, etc., street sweeping, maintenance of irrigation system and garbage collection.

The contractor for the project is Landscape Management Systems, Inc. which also handles landscaping projects for various commercial and military properties.

Tumon San Vitores Landscaping Maintenance

GVB contracted the landscaping and roadside maintenance along San Vitores Boulevard up to the Bishop Flores Rotunda, including road medians, GVB office, three major intersections leading to hotel row Westin Resort-Horizon Condo, Marriott Hotel-JFK, and Hilton-Ypao Road.

Island Roadway Maintenance

A total of 55.3 miles of roadways are maintained from northern to southern Guam. The project scope includes maintenance of medians and sidewalks at Northern Routes: 1, 14, 30, 30A, 34, 27, 16, 8 and Southern Routes: 1, 2, 2A, 4. The contractor for the project is GEMCCO, a general contractor which also handles equipment rentals as well as construction and maintenance projects for various commercial and GovGuam entities.

Contract Administration & Inspection Services

GVB contracted TG Engineers to inspect its main projects such as Tumon & Hagatna Beach Cleaning, Tumon Landscape Maintenance and Highway Landscape Maintenance Projects. TGE also served and assisted in bid/contract document preparation and implementation for project and liaised with GovGuam agencies or private entities to address issues related to GVB projects.

Holiday Illumination Project

Each year, the Holiday Illumination Project offers a beautiful and festive atmosphere for Guam’s local community and tourists. Colorful Christmas displays are illuminated on Tumon San Vitores as well as Governor Carlos Camacho Road and are a welcome attraction for hotel guests in those particular areas. This past year’s project was created and implemented by Landscape Management Systems, Inc.