Sports and Events

The Sports and Events division of the Guam Visitors Bureau's Destination Development team is committed to identifying, advocating and further developing Guam's sports tourism as a tool for promoting Guam to our visitors, and at the same time encourage the development of Guam’s local athletes. Events range from sporting activities, beauty pageants, memorial ceremonies and training and educational seminars.

In FY2015, the Bureau remained strong in support of organized local community sports events, attractions and programs that continue to attract local community participation and visitors alike, thereby enriching the visitor experience through cultural understanding and social interaction. Sports tourism programs supported both local and overseas teams during events such as training camps, friendship tournaments and international competitions. Over $130,000 was awarded to various on-island non-profit sports and cultural organizations to assist in the development and promotion of such programs.

GVB signature events such as the Guam Ko'Ko Half Marathon and Ekiden Relay, Guam Live International Music Festival, Guam International Marathon and the Guam Micronesia Island Fair attract participants from throughout Micronesia, Asia and the United States.

In addition to GVB signature events, each year the Bureau supports Tour of Guam, XTERRA Island, Junko Friendship Rubber Baseball Tournament and the Governor's Cup Ladies Golf Tournament.

2016 Guam Events Calendar

The Guam Events Calendar was created to promote Guam's events on an international level. One of the challenges GVB has faced over the years is the lack of time to promote events to the different markets. This calendar is just one of the ways GVB is collaborating with our industry partners to set dates far in advance so we have the time to plan and promote our events in countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China, Russia, the Philippines and the U.S. mainland.

GVB is arming the international community and local community with information that will grow tourism arrivals and tell Guam's unique story in 2016.

2015 Guam Events Video Montage

Guam Ko'ko' Road Race

The Guam Ko'ko' Road Race is Guam's elite ekiden relay and half-marathon, so named to raise awareness of the plight of Guam's territorial bird, the Guam rail or ko'ko'. A flightless bird endemic to Guam, the ko'ko' population was decimated to near extinction by the brown tree snake, pesticides and other introduced detractors. Efforts to save the ko'ko' from extinction are ongoing and public awareness and community involvement inspired by events such as the Road Race have made a remarkable impact. A signature visitor attraction, the race was first held in 2006 and participant numbers and prestige have grown with each succeeding year.

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